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HP Reveal

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HP Reveal
Od Admin
13. jún 2018
Kategória Geocaching

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From June 06th, 2018 to Sept 06th, 2018 you can submit a Mystery Cache for review that requires the finder to use an Augmented Reality (AR) app to find the cache. This is an experiment to see how the geocaching community will use AR technology. Any caches published within this experiment may be archived at a later date by Geocaching HQ if circumstances change.

At the end of this time period, Geocaching HQ will decide if the published caches will be grandfathered or archived.

If you have found an AR cache and would like to give us feedback on your experience, please fill out this survey.

AR apps

To be allowed in Mystery Cache designs, an AR app must

  • Be available on Android and iPhone (iOS)
  • Be free to download and create account
  • Allow users to upload their own AR overlays
  • Allow location based AR experiences

Example apps that currently fulfill these requirements: HP Reveal (for iOS and Android), Metaverse (for iOS and Android).

Example of an app that currently doesn’t fulfill these requirements: Holo (doesn’t allow users to upload their own AR overlays).

Cache type and name

Only Mystery Caches can require finders to use an AR app to find the cache, the cache name must have the following format: AR_Name of cache.

Example: AR_On top of the hill

Search for AR caches online (Premium membership feature):

  1. On the search page, select Filters.
  2. Enter “AR_” under GEOCACHE NAME CONTAINS.
  3. Select Search to view all AR caches.

Cache description

In your cache description, include the name of the required AR app, a link to the app stores for Android and iOS, and paste the following paragraph in English (translation into a regional language is optional):

“This cache is part of an experiment that allows the use of Augmented Reality (AR) apps to find the cache. At the end of this experiment, Geocaching HQ will decide if this cache will be grandfathered or archived. Geocaching HQ reserves the right to archive this cache at any time if conditions change. If you have found this cache and would like to give feedback on your experience, please" target="_blank">fill out this survey.”

Learn more about HTML in cache pages.


As with any Mystery Cache

  • The cache must have a final location with a container and a logbook.
  • The final location must be within 2 miles (3.2 km) of the posted coordinates (enforced by the edit page).
  • GPS usage is required for at least part of the search. GPS requirements are met, if:
    • Players need to navigate to GPS coordinates.
    • The AR experience is set to be location dependent, meaning that you can only see it at the location specified in the AR app.

Virtual and physical waypoints are allowed. AR waypoints must be outdoors.
An AR experience cannot require a photo that includes a face.


AR is a new technology. As such it might not always work smoothly or present additional challenges when setting up or viewing an AR experience.

We suggest to avoid placing AR caches near the location of Mega-Events or other large events, as AR experiences might not work well when multiple people are attempting to view the same AR experience.

Caches including an AR experience can take longer to review than other caches. Please be patient and work with your reviewer to make any necessary changes.

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